Recent Changes for FSX Mission Editor

Date Change
19 August 2007 MD: Make MSI aware of mission compatibility level, maybe use SimConnect version
09 August 2007 MD: Resizable dialogs
09 August 2007 MD: Option to not show 'Internal' values
08 August 2007 MD: Make default Compat level equal to the available version of SimConnect
08 August 2007 MD: Multi-select list control for "Allowable Container List" class
07 August 2007 MD: Ability to choose compatibility level (i.e. RTM, SP1, Accel)
07 August 2007 MD: Either query available SimConnect manifests or have list i.e. RTM, SP1, Accel
07 August 2007 MD: Add a way of adding licence key after it has expired
22 July 2007 MD: Can't select nodes which are connected via substructs
21 July 2007 MD: Add ability to link to reference conditionals
21 July 2007 MD: On Sending coords to FSX, set external view, slew mode and pause
21 July 2007 MD: Add 'Breakpoints', Debug callbacks which pause FSX and bring ME to front
19 July 2007 MD: Check for default .xml extension when saving a new mission
11 July 2007 MD: Add a template for Mission Brief, .FLT and .WX files
10 July 2007 MD: If .FLT exists with no Mission section, add one
08 July 2007 MD: Do something with legend display
06 July 2007 MD: Application installer
19 June 2007 MD: On reloading the trace being able to step through event by event would be very useful.
09 June 2007 MD: Add progress bar to 'Regenerate BGL data lists'
14 May 2007 MD: Add 'overview' window
28 April 2007 MD: Parent validity checks depend on visible layout
28 April 2007 MD: Check order of output and merge multi-line data
14 April 2007 MD: In titles-only mode add a label to the lines leading to subnodes
31 March 2007 MD: Make layout of AttribStructs recursive
19 May 2013 Add FLYTO mode for WPT SimVar command - allow sending AIs to specific location instead of relative to another aircraft.
18 May 2013 Bugfix: SimVar could access the wrong variable value in some circumstances where similar variable names were used, depending on the order of creation.
09 August 2012 Wasn't reading GATHER interval correctly
08 August 2012 Add ability to use PROFILE command on arbitrary aircraft instead of just the player's aircraft.
07 August 2012 Incorrect command template for Simvar Gather
06 August 2012 Clear old GATHER data from memory when using PROFILENAME command
06 August 2012 Profile was not being saved if only GATHER command was used without PROFILE command or SAVEONCHANGE command
09 July 2012 Fix connection problems for Prepar3D
28 May 2012 Fix for detection of modified user profiles